At Inversanda we are passionate about 3 things: our farm, our animals and the magical valley in which we are so privileged to live.

Visitors have truly arrived once they head off down the 3km driveway and see the Nhlosane mountain amphitheatre unfold in front of them, with the farm nestling in its footsteps. The Dargle is a very special valley – a jewel that we treasure.

Inversanda is a place to come and re-connect and briefly leave the urban world behind. Sit on your verandah and soak up the peace and tranquility. There is nothing to beat a good glass of wine, good company, a fire and the stars. Suddenly you are able to put life into perspective.

The farm offers a break to a world where nature paints the panorama viewed from all the cottages. Sunny days are ideal for walking, mountain biking, picnicing by the river or simply having fun with the kids. While wet days are perfect for curling up with a good book in front of a roaring fire, playing board games, pool or table tennis.

The farm dates back to the 1800s and up until the 1970s the crops were all planted and harvested with working oxen. “After living in many other parts of the world we bought the farm in 1996 in our quest to find a refuge from the corporate world” says Tom Bate. “We also wanted a home where our two daughters Emily and Iona could grow up with mud on their boots, animals and lots of space” adds Lucinda. Today cattle and horses happily graze the 180 hectares of lush kikuyu pastures.